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Founders Set

🚀Get multiple submissions to each Where’s Wutnaut raffle!
🚀2,500 HEXO raffle every weekend for all holders!
📝Policy ID: 927859103157fce8cfd8e74f65105a191815659578c942b384358010

Digital Dreams

🚀Mint date: February 18th 17:00UTC
🚀Price: ₳15
🚀Supply: 5000
🚀Great for transforming into a Déjà Vu!
📝Policy ID: c3195b093e395298113a7d9c95a955173d343f161336bf59f12f66d5

Vials of Déjà Vu

🚀Used to transform Founders Set or Digital Dreams into Déjà Vu!
🚀You are given several transformations to choose from!
🚀Keep the old and the new!
📝Policy ID: 44719b6a5556c176d7656acc3bacaec9a6e64baed13f88d761ad5f55

Déjà Vu

🚀Based on input image.
🚀Grants Discord role for exclusive access to another weekly round of Where’s Wutnaut!
📝Policy ID: d9c2d647919baef1d233b3767baa8e02db21881ac87adc258e72b2c8


🚀Distributed mostly via Discord game Where’s Wutnaut
🚀Direct Sales and Auctions to fund utility progression of all projects!
🚀Several new rounds available every weekday!
📝Policy ID: 39a5f6d2af800520cfa13167a9493ce2ffe239d0f7717535eefe1694

Moments of Inspiration

🚀Exchange for completely customized Wanderlust
🚀Only 1 available monthly
🚀Awarded to Discord members who achieve Transcendent role
📝Policy ID: 4d1c6438d64544f5bab3145f03d7aa8ab6edd8568c77c506374f5ded

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