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A Journey Through Wutnaut's Dreamiverse

:\> meet wutnaut

:\> print readme.txt

> nVidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

> VQGAN+CLIP (Founders Set and Digital Dreams)
> dreamer.py, a custom prompt generator
> Real-ESRGAN, an AI image upscaler
> stable diffusion (Wanderlust, Déjà Vu, and 9antheon)

> Cardano

My name is Alex and I am not an artist – my background is in tech.

I got into blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2016 and became particularly infatuated with Cardano in 2017. Since SpaceBudz, I have been wanting to produce my own NFT project on the blockchain, but was unable to produce any decent art of my own.

I began researching computer generated art and was very unimpressed with the results I was seeing. However, around that time, a Cardano NFT project called DeepVision minted an AI generated art collection that blew my mind. It was well beyond the quality of computer generated art that I had seen, and their creator was generous enough to put the name of the AI they used in the metadata: VQGAN+CLIP.

VQGAN+CLIP, essentially, takes an idea of yours and tries its best to produce an image of it. I started creating amazing, but small, AI art using my modest gaming PC, and was immediately hooked. A week later I had a dedicated computer set up and purchased a high-end GPU to produce larger art faster.

I experimented for a couple weeks with various words, randomizing and weighting them, and trying various ways to combine them into 1 prompt for the AI. The Founders Set represents the best 99 artworks created during this experimentation phase.

I finalized a script and let it run for about 9 months. I’ve organized, upscaled, and curated over 68,000 images and their metadata to provide the very best for you.

The Digital Dreams collection is comprised of 26 series of 192 images, plus 8 special animations, totaling 5,000 NFTs. They represent the places and people this computer, which I call Wutnaut, has dreamt of. Wutnaut is the real artist.

During my adventure with Digital Dreams, AI art has progressed extremely rapidly. Wutnaut now uses Stable Diffusion to create the Wanderlust collection, which depicts Wutnaut visiting the many places they have dreamt of. Distribution is through a game on our Discord called “Where’s Wutnaut?”, where veteran members and newcomers alike can contribute to titling and winning each piece for free.

I genuinely hope this art finds a home on the walls, wallets, and wallpapers of those who really enjoy it!